People's Climate March - September 21st.

Join Dignity/New York for the People's Climate March.  Email for more information.  

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

March with Dignity at the People's Climate March Sunday, Sept 21st.

If you’re on the fence about joining the People’s Climate March, think about this: The UN Climate Summit happening next week is going to be covered by every major news outlet in the world. And if we make this march bigger than any climate march ever before, we, the people demanding bold action from our world leaders, will be in every single one of those articles. Help make that happen. []

Here’s what you need to know to be there as we make history at the biggest climate march ever:

1. On Sunday September 21st, we’ll be assembling on Central Park West between 61st and 86th Streets. The march will be made up of contingents coming together around shared themes, marching together under a common banner, plus many people coming on their own. You don’t have to march with a contingent, but if you’d like to find one, click here to see who’s marching:

The contingent you join will determine where to line up along the route. and which street you should use to enter Central Park West. If you aren't sure, just head to 86th Street (the B, C, or 1 trains are closest), and join the march there.

2. The march begins at 11:30 AM sharp - that means show up at 11, especially if you want to be in one of the specific contingents, that you need to be in your assembly area earlier!  It will be an amazing experience, walking side by side with more people than have ever gathered to demand action on climate change before. And as if that isn't amazing enough, the whole march will be set to the tune of 20 or so marching bands with a host of other creative, artistic expressions.

3. The march will end on 11th Avenue, where there will be beautiful art and closing for all who can stick around. Think: trees, surrounded by swirling ribbons representing our hopes for climate solutions, music and community groups from all across the movement. We’ll all be celebrating in this People’s Block Party.

4. If you're on the fence, think about this: The UN climate summit happening just two days after our march is going to be covered by every major news outlet in the world. And if we make this march bigger than any climate march ever before, we, the people demanding bold action from our world leaders, will be in every single one of those articles.

All that’s missing is you, and your friends. If you’re in, click here to share a march route map with all the key details with your social networks, so that everyone knows where to be when. And be sure to look at the FAQ’s which will answer your questions about the day.

So to sum it all up:

Gather on Central Park West and find your contingent -- and if in doubt, head to 86th Street (closest trains: the B, C, or 1).

March begins at 11:30 AM (but show up before that)

The route ends on 11th Avenue near 34th Street, where there will be art and dancing in the streets.

Click here to make it easy for your friends to know where to go.


It’s going to be amazing.


See you there, 

Dignity/New York


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Join Dignity/New York at the People’s Climate March, Sept. 21


Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 12:00pm

People's Climate March

As Catholics, we have a moral duty to care for creation and preserve it for future generations. 

We have an obligation to protect the most vulnerable –those who suffer from droughts, flooding and diseases spread by climate change.

We need an economy that works for people and the planet; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.  

That’s why, on Sunday afternoon, September 21, hundreds of thousands of people will march in New York City to call for a strong, international climate change treaty and to launch an international, interfaith campaign called 1 Good Thing– Religions for a Strong Climate Treaty

Dignity/New York supports the March and will be sending a group to participate.  Contact Patricia Russell at  if you would like to take part.  Learn more at or contact

Jesus tells us that “Truly I tell you, whatever you did unto the least of these, your brothers and sisters, you did unto me.”  (Mt. 25)

That’s why the time to act has arrived.  Please join others in our faith community.  Take part in the People’s Climate March.  Show your support for 1 Good Thing – a strong climate treaty that protects people and the planet.

Disruption-Watch-NowWe’ve known for years that climate change represents an enormous threat.  The poor are far more likely to be hurt by climate-related natural disasters, which have quadrupled in the last two decades, than populations above the poverty line.  America's military and religious leaders across the ideological spectrum have said climate change is one of the greatest threats to our future.  But, sadly, the powerful fossil fuel industry is holding back progress and using its political influence to stop progress and to protect massive taxpayer subsidies – over $1 billion per day around the world. 

Imagine what good could be done if those resources were invested in a healthy future.

Click here to watch Disruption now!  Disruption is a short film about how we can change the world -- before the fossil fuel industry irreversibly changes the climate. It looks at how social movements of the past mobilized at decisive moments to shift the course of history, and applies those lessons to the decisive fight of this generation.

It features author and filmmaker Naomi Klein, CNN host and movement leader Van Jones, MSNBC's Chris Hayes, plus many more, including some of the key scientific voices sounding the alarm.

The Earth is a stunning gift.  It supports life.  It is the basis of all our economies.  It conveys beauty.  It evokes our recognition of something greater than ourselves.  It is our temple, our sanctuary, our cathedral.  It is our home.  But today, the balance of life on Earth is threatened by climate change. 

For Catholic congregations, the People’s Climate March is our chance to make our voices heard, to call for action that will protect life and create a pathway to a positive future.   In the past, enormous, peaceful public marches have played an important role in shifting the cultural and political landscape, of demonstrating massive public will for action on matters of great moral weight. 

To learn more and to get involved, contact Patricia Russell or e-mail, or visit

The Route:  The march will begin at Columbus Circle, proceed over on 59th Street to 6th Avenue, down 6th Avenue to 42nd Street, then right on 42nd Street to 11th Avenue. 



Fall Brunch


Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 2:00pm

Sunday Brunch

Dignity Brunch at Tello's

Come to Dignity's Fall Brunch at 2PM on Sunday, September 21st at Tello's, 20th Street and 8th Avenue. Enjoy your choice of a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, glass of wine, juice or soft drink plus choice of entree and coffee or tea. Price is $20 per person which includes tax and tip. To reserve your place email Sebastian Ribaudo or speak to him during the social after Sunday liturgy. Contact Sebastian Ribaudo (email: ~~sebastiannyc23 at verizon dot net )


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