Dignity/New York Celebrates Pride 2014

Dignity/New York Pride Liturgy  

Dignity/New York Celebrates Pride 2014

St. John's Episcopal Church
218 W 11th Street (and Waverly Place)
New York, NY 10014

Dignity NY Witness at the Cathedral

 Commissoning at Pride Liturgy

Dignity/New York Witness at the Cathedral 2014

Before the NYC Pride Parade began, we spent thirty minutes in front of St. Patrick’s in witness.

We have done this continuously since 1987.

Annual NYC Gay Pride March Photos  


Dignity/New York Celebrates Pride 2013


Pride March 2014



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10 reasons to sign up now for the People's Climate March - September 21st.

Join Dignity/New York for the People's Climate March.  Email DignityNY@DignityNY.org for more information.  

Here are all the reasons to sign up for the People's Climate March now (and not later):

1. Signing up now could mean two people later.

When you sign up, it makes it that much easier for your neighbor to join you. And once they join, they'll need time to convince their partner and kids. And once the kids are coming, their friends will want to join, but need to convince their parents. And so on. If we had all the time in the world, making this a huge march would be easy. But we don't: we have one month, and we need everyone soon.

2. So that we can reserve enough buses.

There will be buses heading to the march from all over the country -- but you can't rent a bus at the last minute. If you sign up now, it will be possible to get enough buses for everyone who wants one. (Here is information on the transportation situation for the march. Yes, the rumors are true: there will be buses from Vermont powered by Ben and Jerry's.)

civil rights bus













3. Because this is still happening.

And it's not waiting. Or pausing to consider.

climate-change-60 years

4. We need to know how many marching bands to bring.

(We're serious about this.)













5. One word: portapotties.

You really want there to be enough of them. The sooner we have a headcount, the happier we'll all be. Really.













6. Because missing out is just not fun.

Do you really want to say you weren't there for the largest climate march ever? I'm guessing no. Why give yourself the chance to miss out -- sign up now, skip the FOMO.

PCM Tour Boston Silly Photo

7. If the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao can make it from China, you can make it from closer than that.

China is currently the world's largest carbon polluter, and their Premier is making the trip, as is President Obama, head of the country that has emitted the most pollution in history. They're making this a priority, which means you should also!

Wen Jiabao













8. It's been a tough summer, and we could all use some hope.

There's been a lot of rough things happening this summer. I won't repeat them all here, but I will say this: if you're looking for hope, I can think of no better place to be than the streets of New York on September 21st, when the world will be coming together.


821hope1 copy













9. Because people like this are still out there and it's fun to make them mad.

This is a real tweet someone sent us. You might get a kick by joining the march just to spite him:

Crazy tweet
















10. Because a world where our leaders are taking climate action, not just talking about it, will mean good jobs, safe energy and a shot at a more just world.

We have a chance to change everything. Let's not hesitate to take it. Sign up for the People's Climate March here.

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Fall Brunch


Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 2:00pm

Sunday Brunch

Dignity Brunch at Tello's

Come to Dignity's Fall Brunch at 2PM on Sunday, September 21st at Tello's, 20th Street and 8th Avenue. Enjoy your choice of a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, glass of wine, juice or soft drink plus choice of entree and coffee or tea. Price is $20 per person which includes tax and tip. To reserve your place email Sebastian Ribaudo or speak to him during the social after Sunday liturgy. Contact Sebastian Ribaudo (email: ~~sebastiannyc23 at verizon dot net )


ABBAKUS: Join in the Discussion!

ABBAKUS a blog for discussion and conversationYou can now join the ABBAKUS blog for a place to discuss items of interest to our community. Our beginning topic is around the Synod on the Family.

Join in the discussion and request an id:  Sign-Up   Or simply send your first and last name to  ABBAKUS@dignityny.org.  An email with your initial USER ID and an initial password will be sent to you shortly.

The blog is accessed on the main menu navigation on the DignityNY.org home page at the ABBAKUS tab or from the ABBAKUS block.

ABBAKUS will generally remain active for 2 to 3 weeks.  We will move some of the resources and discussion over to our Education page.  

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