Dignity/New York Liturgy followed by Community Meeting


Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 7:30pm

Quo Vadis: Where Are We Going?

Please plan to attend an important community meeting to discuss the future of Dignity/New York, immediately following liturgy. 

This will be a listening and information session that will be moderated by Jeff Stone of the Steering Committee and Lewis Speaks-Tanner of the Liturgy Committee.  Everyone will have the opportunity to speak for a limited time without interruption.  The goal is not to have a debate or to make any immediate decisions, but to hear the views of our fellow community members.

More information follows, including an invitation for those who are unable to attend the meeting to express their views in other ways:

                  Quo Vadis: Where Are We Going?

                  It is wonderful that our Dignity/ New York Community will be celebrating our forty-second anniversary this October. The Steering and Liturgy Committees held a joint meeting in February to discuss both the needs and future of our community.  

The outcome of the meeting is that we need to invite the community to discern the future direction of Dignity/ New York. We will hold a listening session for the entire community on April 27, 2014 after liturgy. The meeting will focus on the general theme of where our community wants to be in five years. Possible questions: How will we get there? Who will our members be? What forms will our liturgies take? Who will be presiding and leading our community in other ways? Will women have equal access to all ministries?                                     

We understand that not all members will be able to attend.  Those who will not be there or those who prefer to respond in writing are invited to send your vision of our community’s future via email or mail.  Our mailing address is Dignity/New York, PO Box 1554, New York, New York 10150.  Our email address DignityNY@DignityNY.org .

St. John's Episcopal Church
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Join us this Sunday for our Liturgy.

All are invited to our social immediately following the liturgy.

Questions or Information: email Info@DignityNY.org

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