LiturgyRitual and prayer are not meant to be present on our lives as obligation, as diversion, as education or as entertainment. They are not there as a nearly magic way to salvation. Rather, they are there because we need them, because without them we could not be ourselves, could not be the church. The liturgy is the various rituals of the assembled church. It is the deed of the assembled church. It is what we who are baptized need to do: the songs we need to sing. the words we need to hear, the gestures we need to make. Need because without them we cannot give our lives their gospel shape. In liturgy, we are what we mean to be. The immersion in baptism's waters is the death we die to evil all our lives, is new life we have in Christ. Bread broken and the cup poured out at the Eucharist are the sacrifice and sharing we are to be for the world. --Gabe Huck, Liturgy with Style and Grace

Like any other active Christian community, liturgy and worship are central, core experiences. It is at liturgy where we celebrate our lives, and where we mourn our losses. It it where we gather as a community to place our needs before God, and where we are nourished by sharing God's word and sharing Eucharist.

Our community celebrates an inclusive and affirming Eucharistic Liturgy each weekend. While some parishes may be considered gay-friendly, our community goes beyond mere tolerance and acknowledges and celebrates our lives as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and straight persons. 

Our Service

Our Eucharistic celebration is the same basic service celebrated by Roman Catholics around the world, though we do have a couple of traditions that have developed over the years that make worshipping at Dignity a special experience.

As you walk through the door to the church, you will be welcomed and greeted by our ministers of hospitality. They will also give you a name tag and answer any questions you may have. Everyone wears a name tag and we spend time as the service begins making sure we know the people with whom we are worshipping.

As a community committed to social justice, we strive to make everyone feel welcome and use inclusive language in our scripture readings, prayers, responses, and music.

Our Presiders

At our weekly Eucharistic services, our presiders have been called forth from our community.  They are ordained Roman Catholic priests as well as non-ordained women and men presiders. We have presiders from a variety of backgrounds. All of our presiders are dedicated to making our community a safe, welcoming, and affirming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning, and straight Catholics to worship.

In addition to presiding at liturgy, our priests are available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and pastoral counseling. Feel free to speak with any priest or Steering Committee member before or after liturgy for more information.

Homilists at Dignity/New York

In addition to our presiders, Dignity/New York has a homiletics group that offers guidance to members of our community who wish to give homilies at liturgy.  We also have occasional guest homilists.  

Homily Archive

View recent homilies that have been archived.  Homilies